Complete Sell-Through Solution

Extend the reach and impact of your brand, reduce your time to market, and make your content more saleable and scalable than ever. Here's what GRT can do for you:

Print-to-Digital Product Consultancy With over 20 years of experience helping publishers conceptualize, develop, and deliver print and digital products, Great River Technologies will facilitate the process every step of the way. Our experienced experts can assist with the processes, standards, tools, and methods of effective e-publishing.

Production and Design From web designers and copy editors to programmers and developers, consider our team your team throughout the process. Your Project Development Coordinator will work with our entire editorial team to facilitate copyediting, permission clearance, design, layout, and the development of interactive components.

Copyright Permissions and Documentation Allow our team to facilitate any copyright permissions and documentation that may be required for your digital product. Harness our 20 years of experience and expertise in publishing and clearance.

Digital Product Customization Bring your digital publications to life with additional interactive features and components not found in traditional textbooks. Our team will facilitate the conceptualization and development of these additional customizations.

Software Integration Our digital products can be integrated with many third-party software and learning management systems. Great River Technologies will work to ensure all integration requirements are met.

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Who is Great River Technologies?

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Project Development Coordinators (PDCs) focus their attention on broader development oversight and ensuring projects launch on time. This includes monitoring submissions of content, offering advice to the author(s) as appropriate, and facilitating any necessary (mid-stream) adjustments to the project's short-term scope.

Project Editors (PEs) focus on the development of new projects. They work with our entire editorial team to facilitate copyediting, permission clearance, and the development of interactive exercises. Once enough content has been submitted, Project Editors present a chapter prototype to ensure we are all on the same page with organization and aesthetics.

Web Designers shape the overall design of the publication- enhancing each project's aesthetics while maximizing usability. They also work to weave various multimedia objects (images, videos, animations, and interactive exercises) into the fabric of the narrative. Web Designers run internal accessibility audits to ensure all GRL publications meet the stringent accessibility standards as outlined in the WCAG.

Permissions Editors facilitate permission clearance of any copyrighted material for each project, as well as negotiate any applicable usage fees. Copy editing services guarantee professional-level delivery and management of original content.